Neymar set for massive $38 million per-year contract .

Neymar set for massive $38 million per-year contract.
The player’s agent claims that the player is ready to sign a contract worth at least $38.5 million a year. The player has already received a contract of $20 million. The contract is for five years, and it is for a minimum of $38,500,000. The maximum amount of money the player can earn is $50 million.
The contract is worth $38m for each of the next two years. The first year, the contract will be worth $5m. The second year, it will be $7m. In the third year, $9m. And so on. The next year, in the fourth year, and so on, until the player receives a total of $50m.
Ney marr contract is a new record for the player. He has already signed a contract for $20m. He will earn $38million for the next five years.

It is worth noting that the contract is not a guarantee. The club can terminate the contract at any time. The agent of the player claims that this contract is the most lucrative in history.
It has also been reported that the club will pay the player a salary of $15 million. This is a record for a player of Neymar.
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Neymar’s Contract
Numerous soccer players have signed contracts with the club. The most expensive contract is that of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese player signed a $100 million contract with the Royal club.
Ronaldo’s contract is very lucrative. The cost of the deal is $100m for the first year and $20million for each subsequent year. It is worth highlighting that the Portuguese player has not yet signed a new contract.
The player is a free agent. He can choose to terminate the deal. He is under contract until the summer of 2022.
Other players who have signed deals worth millions of dollars include:
* Gareth Bale;
* Lionel Messi;
* Cristiano;
* Zlatan Ibrahimovic;

* Neymar;
** Gareth Stedman.

The contracts of the players are not the only ones that have been signed by the club in the last year.
In addition, the club has signed contracts worth millions for the following players:
1. Cristiano
2. Zlatko
3. Gedioncia
4. Kaka
5. Ronaldo.
This list can go on and on.
However, the most expensive deal is that for Neymar, who signed a deal worth $100million.
There are rumors that the Brazilian player will leave the club, but it is still unclear if he will do so.
What to Expect from the Club
There is a lot of interest in the club from the fans. The fans are expecting great results from the club and that the players will be able to show their maximum.
One of the main goals of the club is to win the Champions League. The previous season, the team lost to Barcelona. The current season, they will try to win a place in the Champions league zone.
At the moment, the players have a good chance of winning the Champions. The team has a good lineup, which can play in every match.
Among the main rivals of the team are:
• Real Madrid;
• PSG;
• Juventus;
· Liverpool.
Each of these clubs has a strong lineup. The main goal of the fans is to see the team playing in the top 4 of the Champions club. This will be a great achievement for the club that will be remembered for a long time.
Football is a game that can be enjoyed by millions of fans around the world. This has been proven by the fact that the Champions trophy has been won by the team from Barcelona for the last three years in a row.
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Main Intrigues of the Season
In the current season of the Spanish championship, there are several intriguing matches that will determine the fate of the champion title.
1) Barcelona vs Real Madrid.
Barcelona is in the middle of the championship. The Catalans have a very good lineup. It includes:
· Messi;
· Xavi;
· Busquets;
These players can decide the fate not only of the title, but also of the final position of the tournament.
Real Madrid is in a difficult situation. The Meringues have a rather weak lineup. Among the main competitors of the Meringes are:
1). Atletico;
2). Barcelona;
3). At the beginning of the season, ​​Real Sociedad.
These clubs have a lot in common. They are all in the bottom of the standings.
2) Disastrous start of the campaign of Manchester City.
After a very successful start of their campaign, the Citizens have started to lose points. The players are tired and the coach is trying to find a solution.

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