Sweden will face England in the World Cup quarter-finals following a dramatic penalty shootout win over Colombia.

The match was played at the Arena in Stockholm on November 8, 2018. The teams were level at 1-1 after 90 minutes of the game, but Sweden managed to take advantage of the mistakes made by the opponent.
In the second half of the match, the Swedes managed to score two goals and in the end, the score was 2-1. However, the game ended in a draw.
This is the third time in a row that Sweden will face the English team in the quarter-final stage. The previous matches were won by the team of Jorginho and Löfven.

The team of Göteborg has a good chance to win the tournament, too. The team of the club is in a good shape and is ready to take the next step in the tournament.
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All the latest information on the development and results of the matches of the championship of Sweden
The tournament of the national championship of the country is held every year. It is a tournament of high-quality and popularity. The tournament is held in the summer, when the teams have to play in the national cup.
There are several competitions held in this tournament. The most important are the following:
1. The champion’s cup. The winner of this competition is awarded with the title of the champion of Sweden.
2. The cup of the best third. The winners of this cup are awarded with a place in the group stage of the European Championship.
3. The third-place cup. This cup is awarded to the team that finishes in the first position of the group.
4. The fourth-place. This is the cup of best third, and this is awarded for the best performance in the matches against the teams of the fourth place.
5. The fifth-place is for the team with the best results in the cup matches.
6. The sixth-place, seventh-place and eighth-place are for the teams that finish in the last three places.
7. The ninth-place team is for teams that do not finish in any of the top-8 places. The last place is reserved for the worst teams.
8. The 10th place is for a team that does not finish at all.
9. The 11th place, 12th place and 13th place are for teams finishing in the bottom three places, and so on.
10. The 14th place team is not awarded with any title.
11. The 15th place. This place is awarded only to the teams finishing at the bottom of the standings.
12. The 16th place for the performance in matches against teams from the same country.
13. The 17th place teams that have not won a title. The 18th place of the tournament for the results in matches with the teams from other countries.
14. The 20th place that is awarded by the end of the season.
15. The 21st place for not finishing in a certain position.
16. The 22nd place for a certain number of points.
17. The 23rd place for winning a certain amount of matches.
18. The 24th place after the draw. The draw is held at the end the championship.
19. The 25th place the team is awarded after the end.
20. The 26th place in a group. The group stage is the most important stage of a tournament. It is the stage where the teams will play against each other.
21. The 27th place a team after the group matches. The draw for the group is held after the matches. This stage is called the playoff stage.
22. The 28th place before the draw for a specific number of matches or for a particular tournament. This number is called a qualifying place. This is a place that the team has to get in the draw of the next tournament. After the draw, the team will be able to play.
23. The 29th place at the last round of the playoffs.
24. The 30th place to the last match.
25. The 31st place after a certain match. After the match the team can play in a playoff round.
26. The 32nd place after another match. This places the team in a higher position in the standings, but the team cannot play in another tournament. It can only play in this playoff round in the next season. In this round, the teams play only against each another.
27. The 33rd place after one match. After this match, a team can go to the next round. If the team does not win the match against the team from the 33rd position, it will be replaced by the next team in line.
28. The 34th place when a team has won the match with the same number of goals.
29. The 35th place if the team wins the match by a certain margin.
30. The 36th place with a certain goal difference.
31. The 37th place by a goal difference of 0.

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