Why Poland are going home.

The last time Poland played in the European Championships was back in 1990. The team was dominated by the Germans, but the team of Andrzej Fidżak, Krzysztof Soszyński and others managed to score a lot of points. The tournament was won by the Poles, who won the gold medals.
The team is still the strongest in the world, and the coach of the team, Marcin Fidzińsky, is still one of the best in the history. The coach has managed to get the team to the quarterfinals of the European Championship, but this is not the end of the tournament.
It is very important for the team not to lose points in the tournament, because it is the only chance to get into the next round. The next tournament is the World Championship, which will be held in the summer. The main contenders for the victory are Germany, Italy and England.

The tournament will be very interesting, because the team will play against the strongest teams in the World. The teams from the top European leagues will play with each other. The Germans, who are the main competitors of the Poles in the current season, will be at the top of the list.
At the moment, the Germans have the best chances to win, but it is not easy to predict the outcome of the match. The following factors can affect the result of the game:
1. The level of the teams. The level is very high in the German Bundesliga. The German team has a good chance of winning the tournament and getting into the final stage.
2. The schedule of the games. The matches will be played in a busy season, so the teams will have to play against each other in the shortest possible time.
3. Individual skills of the players. The players have to make the best use of their opportunities and do their best at all times.
4. Unstable teams. In the current tournament, the German team is unstable, so it can be dangerous for the Germans to lose a match.
If the Germans lose a game, it will be extremely difficult for them to get to the final tournament. It is not known whether the team has enough time to recover and win the gold medal.
You can always follow the results of the matches of the German championship on the sports statistics website. Here you can find only reliable information about the matches, as well as the schedule of upcoming matches.
Live football results of matches of national teams
The football season in the English Premier League is very busy. The fans of the championship can see a lot not only from the national team, but also from other teams.
In the current campaign, the following teams have a good opportunity to win the title of the strongest team in the Premier League:
* Chelsea;
* Manchester City;
* Arsenal;
* Tottenham Hotspur;

In order to get a detailed picture of the current situation, it is necessary to watch the live football results. The information is provided by the sports statisticians.
However, it’s also important to note that the Premier league is not an easy tournament to watch. The competitors of Chelsea and Manchester City have a lot more chances to defeat the team.
Every day, the matches are held in a long tournament distance. The distance between the matches is usually around 5 to 6 hours. It’ll be very difficult to follow the live soccer results, because there are a lot events in the course of the day.
Football matches in the Champions League
The current season of the Champions league is very interesting for fans of this tournament. The competition is very intense, because each match is very crucial for the winner.
There are a number of teams that are considered the main contenders to win this trophy. These are:
• Real Madrid;
• Barcelona;
• Bayern;
· Juventus;
● Manchester City.
All these clubs have a chance to win a place in the final round. In order to be in the elite group, the team needs to win at least two matches. The Champions league has become a real test for the teams, because they have to fight against the top clubs in the group stage. The winner of the group will be able to enter the next stage of the competition, where the teams from lower divisions will play.
Of course, the main goal of the clubs is to get in the top-4 of the ranking. The last time Real Madrid and Barcelona got into the Champions club was in 2012. The previous season, the teams lost to Liverpool and Juventus.
Now, the Champions tournament is held in May, which means that the teams have only a few months to prepare for the next season.
Fans can follow the development of the events in real time on the website of sports statistics. Here, they can find not only the results, but even the schedule and the results for the matches. It’s easy to learn about the results on the platform of sports statistical website.
Detailed information about matches of football championship
The season of football is coming to an end, and now it� is time to watch matches of top European championships. The current season is very active, because a lot has been decided in the first matches.

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